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Ephesus Private Tours

Ephesus Private Tours

As it is known Ephesus is one of the largest and oldest ancient cities in the World. It is more than 2000 years old and in the UNESCO’s World heritage list. Therefore every year lots of tourist from all over the World come and visit Ephesus.

This is a great chance for the tour companies to make business. Some companies give Private Ephesus tours and some give regular Ephesus tours. What is the advantage of having Private Ephesus tour? Unlikely, regular tours, private  tours are always more comfortable. As a private Ephesus tour company our mission is to provide the best tour experience you have ever had. We believe that one size does not fit all. Working in the tourism industry for a long time, we wanted to provide a more personal and Premium alternative to the ‘ take your photos and be back on the bus in 5 minutes’ approach. Your privilege will start at the very beginning of the tour; your guide will be waiting for you right on the time at the meeting spot just for you/for your family/your party… You will not waste time for waiting for the other people. You will be given great information about the country, historical sites, culture and people by your  extremely knowledge tour guide. Beside this, you will be answered any questions that you have. Before you enter Ephesus you will be holding your tickets in your hand so you are not going to wait at the ticket line for a long time. We would recommend you to have Ephesus private tour as you get less crowd and more valuable detailed information.

Places to visit in Ephesus
Every year hundreds of tourists from all over the World come and visit Ephesus. As a tour company and a Ephesus guide I always recommend people to visit the highlights in this beautiful area of Ephesus. The first and the most important thing is having an Ephesus private tour that is more comfortable than the big tour buses and being with forty people. First we take people from the port as soon as possible after their cruise ship docks to Kusadasi port. Epheus, House of the Virgin Mary, Terrace Houses, Basalica of St.John and Sirince Village. Now i would like to give you brief information about each places above.

According to archeologist and historians Ephesus was first founded by the Amazonian ladies. They were tall strong ladies. They use to cut one of their own breasts in order to use bows and arrows better. They did really exist and they were originally from Asia minor. After the Amozons, Ionians came and took over the control. After the Ionians Persians, Alexander the Great and finally Romans. Romans were the last settlers of the city. During Roman time Ephesus became very important trade and religious center. During the Pagan time Artemis(Diana) was worshiped in here later St. Paul, St .John and Mother Mary came and spent some years in Ephesus. Ephesus has been excavated for more than one hundred years and remains are mostly from late Roman period.

Terrace Houses
That is the place where all the upper class of Ephesus used to live 2000 years ago. Extremely wealthy houses. They were built on the slope of the hill on three terraces right in the middle of the city. Only 7 of them have been excavated. Each house has one open air courtyard surrounded by rooms. They use to get their day lights from those courtyards. They have very nice frescos and mosaics.

House of the Virgin Mary
Almost five-six miles away from 2000 years old ancient city Ephesus. Very peaceful and relaxing place. This is the place where Mary spent last days of her life. Having a private Ephesus tour guide in here is a privilege. Especially in the peak seasons there are too many people here. Very busy. If you have a private Ephesus guide it will be much easier for you. This is the place where three popes came and visited. Pope Paul the 6th,Jean Paul the 2nd and Benedicth 16th in 2006. There was a German nun described the location of the house with her visions in the beginning of 1800s. She wrote a book about her visions and it was published in 1900s. Archeologists and decants came here to make some researches. Everything was perfectly fitting with describe of the German nun’s visions. And it was decided that Mary spent last days of her life in here by Vatican. Of course there are much more details involved. Come and visit Turkey have a private tour and an Ephesus guide and have chance you have all this information from a local guide.

Temple of Artemis(Diana)
Temple of Goddess of fertility and hunting. A must see if you are in Ephesus, as it is also one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World... Although little is left of what really was a great structure, still the feeling of being there is great... Artemis was one of the favorite child of Zeus... The ruins around give you the feeling of how people used to live in here, even before BC, as the temple was made in 550 BC... So its a must see, & you'll regret not going there.

Sirince Village
It originally a Rum village. As part of the peace settlement after the Greeks were defeated in Turkey in 1922,a formal Exchange of populations was agreed upon. As a result Turkey received about 500.000 Muslim Turks from Greece in Exchange for nearly 2 million Rums who had been displace since 1912.the Rum population of the village migrated to Greece as part of this program. Their houses are still the old houses, Some have been restored. Very cute ,small, lovely village.